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About Essen

Since the advent of the first IBM - PC, the Essen group has been a part of the computer industry and has seen it come of age. This long association has seen Essen successfully launch innovative products in various segments and to a world - wide audience.

Over the years, Essen has had fruitful business relationships with giants of the industry such as Digital Equipment Corp., ItohChu, Samsung, C - Dot, Larsen & Toubro and Hindustan Lever.

Behind this continuous success lies a team of dedicated professionals, backed by a strong entrepreneurial drive, a clear vision of its goals and a commitment to core human values.

Bearing testimony to this fact has been its long list of customers such as ABB, AvtoVaz, Bayer, CitiBank, GazProm, Ingersoll Rand, ISRO, Roche, Siemens and others.

Essen’s offerings continue to maintain the same tradition, providing the customer innovative products that are world class, yet provide full value for money in a highly competitive global market.
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